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The Secret of Selling

“Some Things Sell Themselves"

The late Gary Halbert, that rare thing, a true genius, once said that the greatest aid to marketing was not any kind of technique. Instead he said it was… ‘a hungry crowd’.
Imagine a hungry crowd pouring out of a football stadium. In the street outside, there’s a hot-dog stand. A delicious aroma is wafting up. Does the hot-dog vendor need to sell the hot-dogs? No!
The hot-dog vendor isn’t a salesperson. He’s an order-taker. And that’s fine - as long as he has a hungry crowd and no competition.

While, With Other Things, It’s Trickier!

Most markets are so mature that it’s difficult to easily distinguish one product or service from another. Have you been to a showroom recently to buy a washing machine? There’s a bewildering variety of makes, with dozens and dozens of features - information overload.

To make a successful choice, it seems as though you need a PhD in washing machines. Now some people love doing all the research, reading comparative reports, etc, etc - which is great if you have lots of time and like researching.
However, once you go to buy something else, such as a camcorder, you run into the same problem - you need a PhD in camcorders.

Sometimes It’s Quicker and Easier to Use a Salesperson

Most of us have neither the time nor inclination to get PhDs in washing machines, camcorders, vacuum cleaners, etc. We just want to quickly and easily buy what’s best for us.

And the best way of doing this is to use the services of a salesperson -
a problem-solver, who will help us solve our problem with the right product or service.

As a nation, we have an ‘anti-sales’ bias. Selling is seen as rather seedy, slightly sleazy… not quite ‘respectable’.
Yet we sell with a CV. We sell at a job interview. We sell when we’re asking someone out on a date. Selling? We do it all the time!

Selling Is Vital!

Selling is vital. Without sales, companies go bust. Without sales, there’s no money to fund schools, hospitals and museums.
The sad thing is that, through fear of selling - which is really fear of rejection - most aspirant salespeople burn out and give up.
Ironically, with a little application, most people could go from being 15% good at sales to being 50% good at sales. Would this make a massive difference to their businesses - and their lives? Yes!!!

To ‘Selle’ Is To Serve

The word ‘sale’ comes from the Swedish word ‘selle’, which means to serve.

A good, ethical salesperson serves others by being a 100% trustworthy problem solver.

Many religions maintain that serving others is the greatest thing that we can do with our lives. And, with ethical selling, it can also make you seriously rich!

The Secret of Selling

The secret of successful ethical selling lies in following this order of priority.

1. Always do the right thing, ethically. Be as close as you can to 100% ethical, 100% trustworthy, in all your actions - not just selling. See yourself as utterly ethical and trustworthy. Your customers will soon ‘pick up the vibes’ and choose you over your competitors.
2. Then do what’s best for your customer. If a product/service is
genuinely best for him/her, that’s the one to focus on - even if it means far less commission for you.
3. Then do what’s best for your company.

4. Then do what’s best for you.

In other words, be thoroughly unselfish. Concentrate on helping your customer. Be a problem solver - focussed on solving his/her problem.
By knowing that you’re always doing what’s best for others, you’ll start to feel good about yourself all the time. And your customers will pick up on that feeling. They will want to buy for you.

This Worked For My Father… It Worked For Me… And It Will Work for You Too!

My father, may his soul rest peacefully, wasn’t ‘slick’, hadn’t ‘the gift of the gab’, was a pretty ordinary kind of guy. And yet he was an amazingly successful salesman.
Why? He had 100% integrity. He lived to serve others. He probably never consciously thought of the order of priority above, but he implicitly followed it.
Any customer meeting Jack Ward knew that he could trust him 100% and that Jack knew his business through and through. You just can’t put a value on that combination of trust and expertise. It’s literally priceless.
Because my father instilled such high standards in me (purely by the example of his life) I’m pretty much the same.
It took me a long time to realise that people were prepared to spend £100,000+ with me not just because I knew my business but, even more importantly, because they trusted me 100% to do what was best for them.

Take This Secret - Use It In Your Business and in Your Life

Take this secret. Use it in your business… and in your life. Believe me - it works.

· You’ll feel better about yourself.

· Your customers will benefit.

· Your business will benefit.

And, of course, don’t forget to improve your sales skills. If you need any help, or if you’d just like to talk things over, call me on:
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Our Anti-Sales Culture... Is More Than a Little Hypocritical