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It’s amazing how much the internet has changed our world in the last 15 years. The original hype held that shops were dead; we would buy everything on the internet. Conversely the prophets of doom argued that buying on the internet was risky…
Nowadays we know that, done properly, buying on the internet is as safe as houses. We also know that (some) shops are still in business. So we can forget all about hype and look at what we know.

We Need Two Types of Marketing - and They Need to Complement Each Other

The reality is that virtually every business needs an online marketing strategy and an offline marketing strategy. Furthermore both these strategies should seamlessly dovetail.
We know this. However putting it into practice can prove harder. Many businesses struggle with their internet presence and find it hard to get sales.
And, while they’re struggling on the internet, often they’re not paying as much attention as they might to their offline strategy - so it can be a double handicap.

The Internet Has Changed The Way We Behave

It’s tempting - but wrong - to think that the offline strategy is simply ‘old school’ marketing. It’s not. The internet has changed the way we behave as customers - both online and offline.
For instance, we’ve become accustomed to FREE information (because we get it on the internet.) Often we judge the quality of a business by the quality of the FREE information it gives us.

FREE Information Can Attract Clients to You Like A Magnet!

This means that, if you’re an estate agent or a physiotherapist or a cosmetic surgeon or an accountant, you may care to think about how you can give FREE information to interested members of the public - some of whom will become your clients.
The FREE information may be in the form of a booklet, a newsletter, an advice column, a speech, a radio or television interview. (It may be the same information, multi-purposed into all of these media.)
Three things are for sure though. The information needs to be:

1. Highly relevant to what your potential clients want.

2. Well presented (else they won’t bother with it.)

3. Really good quality - so they’ll think, “This is great. I’m impressed! 
        Let’s give these people a call.

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"Offline Marketing Isn't Just
'Old School' Traditional Marketing - Oh No!"