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We noted earlier that websites need to be primarily focussed not on ourselves but on what our customers want. So 80% of the website should be about helping them to get what they want.
However customers will undoubtedly want to know something about you.
So business/personal information should account for the other 20%.
I’ve been in business for 30 years. I’ve helped tiny, one-person businesses and I’ve helped businesses with £billion turnovers and thousands of people. Size doesn’t matter. What matters is that people are committed to their success and open to receiving help to get their faster and easier.
Below are a few recent testimonials. For a different type of testimonial, please take a look at Book Reviews .

A Successful Sales Letter

“Excellent! Excellent!! Excellent!!!”
John Johnson, Hertfordshire

A Website Home Page With a Punch!

Just read the landing page. You must have spent ages on that. It's powerful stuff. If you go to the website ( tomorrow morning the chances are your text will be on the home page. It's great! Thank you so much.
Lee Wood, Cambridge

How a Tiny, Grassroots Environmental Protection Group (With No Budget) Got National Publicity For Their Cause

Southwell Action Team (SAT) is a group of Dorset villagers formed to stop a beautiful area of coastline near Portland Bill being ‘turned into a lunar landscape’ by wilful quarrying.
Michael showed us how to get our message across with content for a clear, well-presented website (
He also showed us how to ‘punch well above our weight’ by getting our message into The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, local Radio and BBC Television (Countryfile, South Today). Effective marketing!
Michèle Ireland (Chairman, Southwell Action Team, Dorset)

How To Beat 500 Other Contestants and Win A Prestigious Photography Contest - By Using
‘An Unfair Advantage…’

On a personal basis, Michael showed me how to win a prestigious photography contest - at my first attempt! Many of the other 500 contestants were much more talented photographers. But we had ‘an unfair advantage’ - we used ‘a little marketing secret’.

Michèle Ireland, Dorset

A Flier With a 7% Response and a Sales Letter with a 15% Response!

Hi Michael!

I know you’ll be chuffed to know the outcome of the test with Phil’s blog… it went to his database (@4,000) and 313 people requested our hardcopy sales letter (@7%) and 45 people have ordered (@ 15%). I’m delighted!

Thanks for all your help and support.

Best regards,
Nick White, Lancashire

These are just a few of the many things I’ve done for other people. If
I can be of help to you with your business or, if you’d just like to talk things over, call me on:
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