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“There Are Only 4 Ways of Improving Your Profits - 3 of Them Depend on Marketing!

(And Marketing Can Help With the 4th One too)

Marketing is simply too important to be left to ‘marketing professionals’.
The truth is this: marketing is the heart of your business. More than any other factor, marketing will decide if your business thrives - or dies.
To ‘marketing professionals’, the tone of this website is probably ridiculously simple. Well, hey, I like simple - because simple works! It’s too easy to lose yourself in complexity. Nearly every millionaire I’ve met can get to simple in 5 seconds flat.
Let’s take a simple look at profitability. You may just want your business to give you a decent living, not mega-profits. But, if your business doesn’t deliver any profit at all, you can’t put food on the table.

These Days, in Business, It’s Survival of the Fittest!

These days, in business, it’s survival of the fittest. If your business isn’t going forward, it’s probably sliding towards oblivion. Sorry - I’m just telling it the way it is.
So we should all be concerned with increasing profits. There are 4 ways to do it - and 3 of them utterly depend on marketing.

1. We can increase the value of sales by selling to more people.

2. We can increase the value of sales by increasing the amount of transactions with the same people (e.g. repeat sales).

3. We can increase the value of sales by increasing the value of transactions with the same people (e.g. upsells).

4. We can cut costs.

Cost-Cutting is Corporate Weight Loss; It Can be Good - or Bad

In times of business stress, what do managers do first? They usually cut costs - because cutting costs is relatively easy. The first cost that tends to be cut is the marketing budget (which is serious madness - that’s the one that probably needs increasing, to get more business!)
The second cost that tends to be cut is employees. “Cost walks on two legs” has been the business mantra of the last 30 years. Well I’d reply, “Expertise walks on two legs. Motivation, dedication and joy walk on two legs. Our customers (some of whom may also be our employees) walk on two legs.”
Cost-cutting can be as brutal and as self-defeating as cutting off your arm to save weight. Yes, you’ve saved weight - but at what cost to the effectiveness of the overall business body?

What Would Increasing Turnover By 40% Do To Your Profits?

Let’s take another approach to improving profits. If you increased sales by just 12%, what would that do to your profits? It would probably increase them by far more than 12%.
What if you:

1. Increased sales by 12%, and:

2. Increased the amount of transactions by 12%, and:

3. Increased the value of transactions by 12%

You’d have increased your turnover by a huge 40%. What would that do to your profits? Double them?? Triple them??? Or more!

Improved Marketing Can Send Your Profits into Overdrive!

Improved marketing can send your profits into overdrive. That’s
why marketing - customer satisfaction - needs to be at the heart of your business, my business, everybody’s business.
Marketing expenditure should be regarded as an investment. It should be judged by ROI - Return on Investment. As that ROI goes up, you’ll find that one of your key business costs - the cost of sales - goes down. So good marketing cuts costs too.
This is so important that I’ll repeat it. Improved marketing can send your profits into overdrive. Please make marketing the heart of your business.
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