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What do the words - particularly the written words - that you use say about your business? Are those words fresh and vibrant? Do they cut through the ‘chatter’ of hundreds of competing messages to grab peoples’ attention?
Images can be powerful - but words are far more powerful! Headlines are the most powerful words of all - because headlines are the first words that people see.

How Long Does It Take Someone To Judge Your Business?

When someone reads the first words about your business, often that person (a prospective customer?) will make up their mind not in seconds but in a fraction of a second.

They say you never have a second chance to make a first impression.
If the words to promote your business don’t sell it in the first moment, you’re in trouble - because that vital first impression is lost forever.

Copywriting - Generic versus “Call To Action

‘Copywriting’ is the term used to describe words used to promote a business. That promotion may be generic ‘brand advertising’, such as we see for brands such as Pepsi and Rolex.
Alternatively promotion may be geared towards a ‘call to action’, where the viewer is being asked to do something: make a credit card payment, pick up the telephone, etc.
Unless your business is a world-brand, you would be strongly advised to gear your promotion towards a clear, well-defined call to action.

You Want Leads - You Want Orders!

You don’t want your prospective clients to just think, “What a great company,” and then forget all about you. (Which, given half a chance, they will.)
You want prospective clients to think
A. “I want what they can do for me,” (or, at least)

B. “I want to find out more about what they can do for me.”

B. should produce a lead. A. should produce an order.
Copywriters who produce generic ads may win industry awards but they have no way of knowing how good they are at winning business for their client. How can they? There’s no way of measuring results.

Do Yourself a Huge Favour - Get a Direct-Response Copywriter!

‘Direct response’ copywriters - those invoking a clear, well-defined call to action - know exactly how good they are because the results - whether leads or orders - are measurable.
Words are powerful - very powerful. They will make - or break - your business. If the words are limp or boring, you’ll lose business hand over fist. Please ensure that the words that describe your business are geared towards a passionate call to action.

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The Power of Words Can Make - Or Break - Your Business!