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Some years ago, I wrote a couple of books about business. One of them,
‘50 Essential Management Techniques’ became a bestseller in 25 different countries. Here are some of the book reviews:

· “Essential reading.” Business Executive

· “A very good read and a worthwhile buy.” British Journal of Administrative Management

· “Valuable and well written.” Middle East Business Review

· “Short, crisp chapters and lively case studies slip down easily. A really valuable aid.’ Director

· “A formidable array of tools. Unpretentious. Suggestions are tried and true... never been published before.” Sheffield Telegraph

· “Michael Ward has hit on a very good idea. One which, like many of the best ideas, is blindingly simple. The overwhelming value of this book is, to my mind, that it brings together, in a very accessible way, many useful ideas and tools.” Training Officer

· “Ward’s book is far lighter and more entertaining in tone. It owes little to academic theory or research. Instead he shares pearls of wisdom.” Personnel Today

· “A quick-reference handbook containing a selection of tools. Concise.” People Management

· “Best selling. Entertaining.” Gower Publishing

· “A formidable array of tools.” Management Training

· “This book brings together in an entertaining and instructive text a wide range of powerful tools to improve managerial performance. “ ASLIB Book List

· “Each concept is almost indispensable as Ward delves into its practicality for real life situations.” Malaysian business Lifestyle Weekly

· “Interesting and useful reading” European Foundation for Management Development.

· “This is an interesting book, relevant to today’s problems and practical enough for tomorrows’ crises. It is well written and professionally presented.” Administrator

· “This book brings together a wealth of tools.” General Business.

‘50 Essential Management Techniques’ helped a lot of people with their businesses.
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