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Thanks for visiting us. I’m Michael Ward. This is my website. Have a good look around. Hopefully you’ll find some helpful insights into marketing that you can use straight away, to improve your business.

Most websites (see Internet Marketing ) start by telling the visitor all about the features of the company. But visitors aren’t initially interested in the company - they’re interested in how the company can help them.
We’re here to help you get more clients, grow your business and realise your dreams… To do that, we need to consider marketing.

The Tragedy of Superb Products and Services… Which Just Needed Better Marketing

Over the last 30 years, I’ve personally seen hundreds of businesses
with superb products and services fail because their marketing lagged far behind the quality of their product or service.

This is a tragedy. Worse, it’s an entirely avoidable tragedy.
The problem is that the type of people who develop superb products and services are so focussed on product and service development that their marketing takes second or third or fourth place.

This is entirely understandable. If you're focussed on A, you can't focus on B at the same time. So you might need some help with B.

These days, marketing is the stark difference between business success and business failure. Why?

As potential consumers, every day we're bombarded with dozens - if not hundreds - of competing messages. So, for a particular product or service to be heard amid the babel of 'chatter', its marketing messages need to be clear enough and vibrant enough to stand out from all the 'chatter'.

These Days, Marketing Is the Stark Difference Between Business Success and Business Failure

Marketing Must Be Innovative!

You probably get mountains of junk mail from big companies. I certainly do. A lot of it is very glossy and obviously expensively produced. Yet I throw 99% of it straight into the bin - and I’ll bet you do too.

Why? Because it’s boring. It’s ‘me too’ stuff - just like the last mailing and the one before, and the one before that. It may keep marketing departments in business - but it doesn’t market the business.
Occasionally I’ll get marketing messages that ‘leap out’ at me, that address my concerns, that use words that excite me (see Copywriting ) Often, when this happens, I can’t reach for my credit card fast enough!

Do You Want Fresh, Vibrant Marketing Messages Which Are Seen, Heard - (And Acted Upon)?

There are no masters of marketing; we’re all students. But, because I live marketing 12 hours a day, I’m focussed on it. And, when you focus on something 12 hours a day, 60 hours a week, over 2,500 hours a year, something happens - you get better at it!

My job is to help people with their marketing, to replace ' trial and error' with proven techniques. Of course, these techniques need to be customised to your business and your situation, so that your marketing messages become fresh and vibrant.
Fresh and vibrant messages are heard. They get you customers 'and more customers' and yet more customers.
If you'd like to talk about how you might get more customers for your business and increase profits, then call me. I love hearing about other peoples' businesses and thinking of innovative ways to improve them.

To Your Success,

Michael Ward

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